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We have everything you need for the colder weather coming in: rock salt, ice melter, shovels, de-icers, heated buckets, and wood pellet fuel
We will be closed Thanksgiving Day, November 22nd. Happy Thanksgiving!

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How to Prepare Your Chickens For Winter

Chickens are a surprisingly resilient bird where winter is concerned. This is especially true if your poultry belongs to one of the winter-hardy breeds such as Blue Andalusian, Dominique, Brahma, or Plymouth Rocks.

How to Help With Your Pet's Shedding

Shedding is a natural, healthy way cats and dogs renew their fur, but loose fur is not always welcome to pet owners – particularly when it seems to get everywhere and into everything.

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Hanging Feeders to Attract the Best Birds

"Purina Mills TV- Bird Man Mel" Hanging Feeders to Attract the Best Birds