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Wood Pellet Fuel in Stock. Lignetics- $259/ Ton; Easy Heat- $199/ Ton
We have all your cold weather needs! Rock Salt, Pet Safe Ice Melter, Heated Pet Mats, Birdbath De-Icer, Heated Pipe Cable, Straw, and more!

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Winter Horse Care Checklist

Horses are resilient and can survive many adverse conditions, but taking proper care of your horse in winter is essential to keep them healthy, safe and comfortable even in the worst weather.

Do Your Best Birding in Winter

There is no need to wait for spring migration to enjoy birding. With the right preparation and expectations, winter can be your very best birding season.

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Backyard Chicken Feed Basics

Join Dr. Gordon Ballam, Purina poultry nutrition expert and Hank Will, editor, GRIT Magazine in our Raising Happy, Healthy Chickens video series. In this edition, learn about how nutrition needs change as birds grow and what nutrients to look for in chicken feed so that your chickens receive the nutrients they need at each stage of life.