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  • Ultra 24% Milk Replacer 8 Pound

    UPC: 616368428044 Manufacturer: Sav-A-Caf

    Universal milk replacer, exclusive "magic crystal" technology produces the best mixing product on the market today. Multi-purpose all milk protein nursing formula. For use in calves, foals, goat kids, lambs, baby pigs, fawns, elk calves, llama crias, puppies and kittens.

  • Uni-Milk Instantized Milk Repl 9 Pound

    Manufacturer: Manna Pro Corp

    Suitable for use for calves, foals, goat kids, pigs and puppies, this range allows you to keep one product in your barn . Uni-milk is an instantized powder, that mixes easily, and stays in suspension with no clumps.

  • Cow Pots Brown 4 Inch/12 Pack

    SKU: 039921 UPC: 893947001021 Manufacturer: Liquid Fence Company Model: CP4-12

    All natural - made from 100% renewable composted cow manure. Cowpots stay intact for a long 12 to 16 week growing-cycle before planting in the ground. Planted cowpots biodegrade fast. Roots easily penetrate cowpots.

  • Bulb-Tone 3-5-3 Plant Food 4 Pound

    SKU: 076201 UPC: 050197006040 Manufacturer: Espoma Natural Gardening Solutions Model: BT4

    Perfect for all bulbs, including tulips, daffodils, crocus and hyacinths. Rich in bone meal and other natural organics to provide a complete, balanced feed for all bulbs.

  • No-Bite Igr Flea/Tick Spray

    SKU: 698522 UPC: 745801510081 Manufacturer: Durvet Animal Health Care Model: 011-51008

    Effective long-term (3 months) control of fleas, ticks, and lice on dogs, cats, pet bedding and pet areas.

  • Muddy Mate Glove Pink Medium

    SKU: 656534 UPC: 072874050870 Manufacturer: Boss Model: 9401PM

    Natural interlock shell with foam nitrile palm.

  • Annual Tree & Shrub Drench Con 1 Quart

    SKU: 916139 UPC: 037321006091 Manufacturer: Bonide Model: 609

    Systemic control of boring & sucking insects: emerald ash, borer asian, long horned beetle, leaf miners, whitefly scale. 1 oz. per inch of tree circumference at chest height mixed in 2 gallons of water and applied at flare of tree.

  • Probios Dispersible Powder 240 Gram

    SKU: 176124 UPC: 078631731396 Model: CHR-4-4

    Provides beneficial bacteria to maintain a healthy microbial balance and support desirable organisms to newborns.

  • Deer Antler 9-11 Regular 9-11 Inch

    SKU: 007623 UPC: 739598900606 Manufacturer: Best Buy Bones Model: 90060

    Deer antler dog chew treats. 9 to 11 inch regular

  • Audubon Bluebird House

    Manufacturer: Audubon Wild Bird Solutions Model: 005810

    The Audubon Bluebird House is handcrafted of natural cedar. Features an easy-open front for easy cleaning, and proper ventilation and drainage. The simple design is pleasing to the senses, and the sturdy construction allows years of enjoyment.

  • Nature's Miracle Skunk Odor Remover

    Manufacturer: Nature's Miracle Pet Stain & Odor Solutions Model: 510718

    Fast acting! Removes skunk odor upon application! For pets, people, clothing, carpets, and other contaminated surfaces. Not a perfume "cover-up." Skunk Odor Remover works by nature's enzymes removing the odor. Features a fresh linen scent. This special formula was created specifically to solve the unique problems created by canine misadventures with Pepe le Pew and his friends.

  • Red Lake Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

    Model: 087309

    Red Lake Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is currently registered as an anti-caking agent and flow aid for use in livestock feed (not to exceed 2% of an animal’s daily intake of feed). However, many people have found that it works well to kill pests including fleas, ticks, mites, ants, silverfish, bed bugs and most other crawling insects.

  • Vermont Chew Bone

    SKU: 470775 UPC: 034652710130 Manufacturer: Ethical Pet

    Extra durable, extra soft Vermont Fleece toys in many sizes and shapes for all size breeds. Each toy includes a squeaker for added fun

  • Enclosed Cat Pan Large

    SKU: 089483 UPC: 791611110300 Manufacturer: Van Ness

    Has an odor absorbing filter. Door prevents litter spills.

  • Drinkwell Original Fountain 50 Oz.

    SKU: 008400 UPC: 011120023381 Manufacturer: PetSafe

    Uses an innovating watering system featuring a patented free-falling stream of water.

  • Fresh Step Premium Cat Litter

    For maximum odor control, try Fresh Step Scoopable litter with odor-eliminating carbon. It eliminates odors by grabbing and holding them to the surface of the activated carbon. Freshens with every step. Neutralizes odor between uses with bacteria growth inhibitors that stop ammonia odor before it starts. Odor eliminating carbon for maximum odor control. 25 lbs.

  • Dize Weathermaster 8X10 Green Tarp

    The Dize Weathermaster 8X10 Green Tarp is made out of high density, rip resistant polyethylene material makes quick work of yard jobs like leaves, mulch, wood chips, debris and much more. UVI treated for extended use in sunlight and are heat and cold resistant. 14 x 14 weave; 6 oz. per square yard. Waterproof, mildew and rot resistant.

  • Little Giant 20 Quart Flat Back Bucket

    Manufacturer: Little Giant Miller Mfg.

    Durable polyethylene bucket for strength and durability. Resists cold weather cracking. Has capacity markings in gallons and liters. Approximately 11 3/4" high, top diameter 15" x 14 1/2".

  • Deer Corn with Molasses

    Manufacturer: Purina

    Corn with molasses blended in makes this feed irresistible. Deer Corn with molasses will keep deer coming back to your special spot.

  • Stephens Pipe & Steel Preferred Dog Kennel

    SKU: 3606504 UPC: 754761160847

    6 ft. W x 8 ft. L x 4 ft.H. Give your dog his own piece of the great outdoors with the Stephens Pipe & Steel Preferred Dog Kennel. Constructed of rust resistant, galvanized steel tubing and chainlink fabric. Only 15 minute installation for a 4 panel unit. 1/2" wrench needed for assembly. 2 clamps per corner included. Grow your dog's home with expansion panels and gates. Pre-assembled panels with vertical and horizontal bracing. Rust-resistant galvanized steel construction. 15 minute set-up. 1 year limited warranty.

  • Power Zone 16/3 x 50' Outdoor Extension Cord

    SKU: 4326849

    3-conductor round vinyl 16/3 sjtw, 13 amp, 125-volt orange, medium-duty, sleeved lgth 50 feet. Rated for 300 volt, grounded, Manufactured with copper conductors and solid molded plugs, and two layers of insulation, one around each conductor and a second outer jacket that won't mark floors or walls and resists deterioration from moisture and abrasion. UL, cULus Listed, meets OSHA specifications.

  • Strongid C/C 2X

    UPC: 087219011676 Manufacturer: Pfizer Animal Health

    Strongid C/C 2X helps prevent parasite build-up on a daily basis which may lead to better nutrition, health, appearance and performance. Continuous dosing of pyrantel tartrate in the gastrointestinal tract, instead of a conventional program of deworming every 60 days that leaves horses open to reinfection. Intended as daily preventive treatment ideally complemented by twice-yearly purge deworming. Suppresses buildup of parasite burden during intervals between periodic deworming, while allowing low levels of infection that maintains natural host immunity. Reduces pasture buildup of parasite eggs, limiting exposure to parasite larvae. Particularly useful where stocking density is high, pasture rotation is impossible, or exposure is continuous. Safe for use in pregnant mares and foals.

  • Purina Mills 20lb Wildlife Block

    Manufacturer: Purina

    A highly palatable, easy-to-use, 20-pound premium block supplement for attracting and maintaining squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, deer, wild birds and other types of wildlife. Provides more balanced nutrition than whole grains.

  • Premium Plus Rabbit Hutch

    Manufacturer: Ware Mfg. Inc. Pet Supplies Model: W-01515

    Our Premium Plus Rabbit Hutch provides the perfect shelter for your lovable rabbit. Your bunny will feel safe and secure in this durable rabbit hutch. It is made from fir wood and sealed with a water based non-toxic stain. It is also equipped with heavy duty powder coated wire. The Ware Premium Plus Hutch is constructed with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.