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  • Four Paws Tie Out Cable

    Manufacturer: Four Paws

    Four Paws Tie Out Cables are vinyl coated to prevent rust.  Ensure pet safety while allowing complete freedom. Available in lengths ranging from 30 foot heavy weight.

  • Gamma2 Vittles Vault Stackable Pet Food Container

    UPC: 769397143607

    Wide opening, easy access, space efficient and STACKABLE.
    Free measuring cup enclosed. Made of food grade, high impact-resistant plastic. Airtight and pest proof! 60 lb. capacity.

  • Manna Pro Goat Treats

    UPC: 095668900809 Manufacturer: Manna Pro Corp

    A fun, nutritious snack for your goats. Made with real anise, delivering a licorice flavor goats can't resist. Easy to feed nugget form.

  • Herd Life Billy Block

    UPC: 884471940108 Manufacturer: Plano Synergy Outdoor Products

    Mineral block designed for goats. Berry flavored, providing beneficial minerals to your goat. Ingredients: Salt, Minerals, Peppermint Flavor.  4 lbs. By Herd Life

  • Evolved Harvest Mean Bean Crush

    UPC: 786541730100

    Mean Bean CRUSH is a proprietary food plot seed mix that is great for attracting deer. Evolved Harvest Mean Bean Crush Food Plot is a mix of bean and pea seeds that produces forage from late spring into early fall. 10 lb. bag.

  • TetraPond Pond Sticks 1.72 lbs

    Manufacturer: TetraPond

    Premium nutrition for goldfish and koi. Our most popular pond food! An ideal maintenance diet that provides nutrition for energy, longevity, and overall health. Feed in spring, summer, and fall, when water temperatures are 50 degrees F. and above.

  • Greenies Peanut Butter Pill Pockets 7.9 oz

    Manufacturer: Greenies Dental Chews & Treats

    GREENIES® PILL POCKETS® Canine Treats are healthy and nutritious treats with a built-in pouch. ideal for hiding a tablet, capsule or liquid medication, so that most dogs don’t even notice there’s medicine inside. They’re the #1 veterinarian-recommended choice for giving pills.   

  • Trophy Rocks 12 lb

    Manufacturer: Redmond Natural Salt

    Trophy Rock all natural mineral lick. Trophy Rock is an all-natural mineral lick containing more than 60 beneficial trace minerals that grow bigger antlers, healthier deer, and successful hunts.

  • No Escape Mouse Magic

    SKU: 916087 UPC: 037321008651 Manufacturer: Bonide Model: 865

    All natural ingredients repel mice from homes sheds patios and other hiding places. Locate place packs anywhere mice enter feed or nest. Lasts for over 30 days. Safe for use around children and pets.

  • Little Giant 3 Gallon Chicken Waterer

    Manufacturer: Little Giant Miller Mfg.

    This 3 gallon waterer is made of durable impact-resistant polyethylene. Built in handle for easy portability and easy to clean.

  • Aqua Chem Optium Chlorinating Granules 5lb.

    UPC: 041746636461

    A multifunctional granular product, optimum® chlorinating granules helps you perform several tasks at once by chlorinating, shocking and killing algae with a single daily application. Kills bacteria & algae and clears cloudy water.

  • Triple Crown Senior Horse Feed 50lb

    UPC: 703948500464 Manufacturer: Triple Crown Feed

    Developed specifically for older horses, this formula features a higher nutrient content to compensate for a less than effective digestive system. A higher fat content provides the extra energy older horses need. Plus, it is softer, more easily digested and can be mixed with water to form a mash for horses who experience difficulty chewing and swallowing. Has enough bulk fiber to be used as the sole ration for horses unable to eat hay or pasture. It can also be used with good quality hay.

  • Purina® Equine Senior® Active Horse Feed

    Manufacturer: Purina

    Purina® Equine Senior® Active horse feed is a nutritionally balanced and specifically formulated for active senior horses that are easy to average keepers, have good dentition and have no major issues chewing or digesting hay or pasture forage. Feed form: Concentrated pellets and extruded nuggets.

  • Victor® Poison Free® Yellow Jacket Trap with Bait

    Attracts and traps yellow jackets. Relax and enjoy your yard and gardens this summer instead of trying to fend off yellow jackets. Natural bait in trap is not hazardous.

  • Single Door Live Animal Trap

    Manufacturer: Miller Manufacturing Company Model: LT1

    Measures 18 x 6.75 x 6.5 inches. Ideal for rats, weasels, red and flying squirrels, chipmunks and other similar sized animals.

  • Scotts Moss Control Granules 5M

    UPC: 032247310055 Manufacturer: SharkBite | Cash Acme

    Scotts Moss Control is guaranteed to kill moss, not lawns. Contrains added nutrients to strengthen and green your lawn. Treats up to 5,000 square feet.

  • Ultimate Flea Trap

    SKU: 002725 UPC: 072868132308 Manufacturer: Woodstream Corporation Model: M230

    Detects and controls indoor flea problems. Unique dome design attracts fleas from all directions. Electrical device attracts fleas with gentle heat. super grabber glue holds them fast. Lures fleas from 30 feet away.

  • Revenge Fly Catcher Jumbo

    SKU: 000728 UPC: 076807000451 Model: 45

    A jumbo fly catcher for barns, stables, garages and more. 8 feet long and lasts up to 12 weeks or until full of flies. Special non drip glue makes this perfect above your car.

  • Galvanized Stock Waterer

    SKU: 464171 UPC: 084369000888 Manufacturer: Miller Manufacturing Company Model: 88SW

    These all-purpose waterers work well for horses, cattle, hogs and dogs. . Safely operates between 10-70 psi. Constructed from heavy gauge, prime draw quality steel. Can be easily installed at any height using lag bolts or u bolts. Will fit a 1/2 inch pipe with a left or right connection.

  • Mosquito Dunks

    SKU: 409928 UPC: 018506001100 Model: 110-12

    Safe for fish ponds and animal troughs also. Kills mosquito larvae in standing water. Use in flower pots, tree holes, bird baths, water gardens, rain barrels, roof gutters and unused swimming pools. Keeps working for 30 days or more.

  • Hammock Seat Cover

    SKU: 037021 UPC: 891293000422 Manufacturer: Solvit Products Model: 62314/62284

    A versatile cover that protects not only the backseat and floorboard area. Also serves as a barrier to keep pets off of the front console. Made from solvitex, a heavy cotton twill fabric that is softto the touch, yeat wears like iron.

  • Coleman Pet Car Seat Cover

    Model: CPP-712

    A great choice for protecting the back seat of your car from dirt, dand and spills. Made from solvitex, a heavy cotton twill that is soft to the touch, yet wears like iron. It has multi-attachment points, adjustable straps and two sta-put devices.

  • Durvet DuraMask for Horses

    Manufacturer: Durvet Animal Health Care

    Repels flies and other biting insects. Clear vision.

  • Wilderness Grain Free Chicken Recipe Dry Cat Food

    Manufacturer: Blue Buffalo

    Provides the added protection of BLUE’s exclusive LifeSource® Bits, a precise blend of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.Includes only the finest natural ingredients and contains NO chicken or poultry by-product meals, artificial preservatives, corn, wheat or soy.  6 lbs.