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  • Farm Babies 1 QT. Nursing Bottle

    Manufacturer: Lixit Animal Care Model: FB-32

    Heavy Duty 1 QT. nursing bottle. Ideal for goats, lambs,
    young foals and other farm babies. Natural feeling rubber nipple securely attaches to the bottle with a neck ring. Nipple stays in place and is easy to remove and clean.

  • Automatic Egg TurnerĀ 

    Manufacturer: Farm Innovators Model: 3200

    Automatically turns the eggs completely every 4 hours to eliminate manual handling and improve hatch rate. 

  • Digital Still Air IncubatorĀ 

    Manufacturer: Farm Innovators Model: 2150

    The Digital Display shows temperature, humidity, and days to hatch. 


  • Vetericyn Plus Poultry Care

    Manufacturer: Innovacyn

    Advanced Cleanser Plus Therapy For All Life Stages.
    Ideal For Pecking Sores, Abrasions, Foot Injuries, and Skin Irritations.
    Non-Irritating and Non-Sensitizing.
    Safe If Ingested, For Hatchlings, and Around Eyes.
    Contains No Alcohol, Steroids Or Antibiotics.

  • Probios Dispersible Powder 240 Gram

    SKU: 176124 UPC: 078631731396 Model: CHR-4-4

    Provides beneficial bacteria to maintain a healthy microbial balance and support desirable organisms to newborns.