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  • Squirrel-B-Gone Snowflake Bird Feeder

    Manufacturer: Perky-Pet Wild Bird Solutions

    Festive snowflake design. Squirrel resistant, weight activated cage. All metal, powder coated silver finish. 6 feeding ports with u-shaped perches and 2 pound seed capacity.

  • Feed & Seed Storage w/ Locking Lid

    Lid locking twist and lock. Stainless locking handle and heavy duty.

  • Snowman Mesh Feeder

    Manufacturer: Songbird Essentials

    Beautifully decorated with a wire mesh body. Holds 1 standard sized suet or seed cake. Durable metal chain and hook for easy display.

  • Sunflower Mesh Feeder

    Beautifully decorated with a wire mesh body. Holds 5 cups of bird seed. Durable metal chain and hook for easy display.

  • Purina Premium Game Bird Block

    Manufacturer: Purina

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    Highly-palatable, easy-to-use 20-pound premium block supplement for attracting and maintaining pheasant, quail and other game birds. Now containing the new Purina® Power Nugget™ supplement, new Purina® Premium Game Bird Block provides more complete nutrition for game birds than whole grains.

  • Adjustable Mealworm Feeder

    Use to Feed: Dried Mealworms or Traditional Seed. Adjustable & Locking Roof with Powder Coated Metal Mesh Bowl.


  • Suet & Seed Owl Bird Feeder

    Manufacturer: Heath Outdoor Products

    Hold sunflower seeds or peanuts, along with 2 standard-sized suet cakes or small seed cakes. Full-surface feeding area and twist-lock top opens for refilling.

  • SquirrelBuster Mini Bird Feeder

    Manufacturer: Brome Model: 1055

    Squirrel proof. Holds 3/4 quarts of seed and easy to fill. Weight adjustable to help control unwanted birds. Chew proof. 

  • 3-N-1 Plastic Hummingbird Feeder

    Manufacturer: More Birds | Classic Brands

    One Feeder, Three Ways: Hanging Feeder, Window Feeder, Or Planter Feeder. Includes Hanger, Window Mount and Planter Stake. Large Opening For Easy Filling. Base Disassembles For Easy Cleaning. Bring More Birds and More Joy To Your Yard.

  • Bird-B-Gone Hawk Decoy

    Manufacturer: Bird B Gone Inc Model: MMRTH

    The Hawk decoy is ideal for protecting open outdoor spaces such as backyards and gardens and is the first Hawk decoy available for deterring birds. Because Hawks hunt during the day, they are more recognizable as a predator than owls decoys.


    How the Hawk Decoy Works:


    Visual deterrents appeal to a bird's sight and sense of danger. Red Tailed Hawks are known for hunting during the day, while most owl species hunt at night when birds are roosting. This makes the hawk a more identifiable predator, when birds see the decoy; they will want to avoid the area!

  • Dried Mealworms 5 lb Value Box

    Manufacturer: Unipet USA

    Bulk Dried Mealworms in a convenient box for storage.

  • Observer Window Feeder

    Manufacturer: Droll Yankees Model: OWF

    The Observer Window Feeder’ open, clear construction allows for unobstructed and up close views of birds as they feed. This feeder attaches securely to a window using 3 suction cups. It is constructed of a sturdy polycarbonate plastic that stands up to the elements and won’t yellow with age. The 7 inch dish is suitable for offering seed, fruit, mealworms, or suet.  The tapered overhanging cover deflects weather and keeps large birds out.

  • Homestead Traditions Feeder

    Holds Up To 5Lbs Of Mixed Seed. Made Of Heavy Duty Steel with a Rust Resistant High Quality Powder-Coated Finish. Continuous Metal Perch Offers Generous Feeding Space For Birds. Coated Steel Cable. Made In The Usa.

  • Welliver Stacks Chicken Bird House

    Durable Cedar Construction and Assembled With Rust Resistant Screws. Single Screw Cleanout Panel.

  • Stokes Four Cake Suet Buffet

    Manufacturer: Stokes Seed Company Model: 38129-CAN

    This Quality Feeder Holds 4 Suet Cakes and Has Ample Space For Multiple Clinging Birds To Feed At Once. The Roof Design Helps To Protect The Suet From Rain and Snow. The Metalwork and Construction Of This Feeder Are Top-Of-The-Line.

  • Brushed Cooper Weather Shield

    Manufacturer: WoodLink Birding Products

    This 18" Brushed Copper Weather Shield hangs over your feeders to keep your feathered friends dry.

  • Suet Ball Feeder

    Designed for Wildlife Sciences Suet Balls. Fun Addition to Backyard Suet Feeding. Sturdy and Long Lasting. Antique Copper Roof and Coated Black Wire. Holds up to 5 Suet Balls.

  • Peanut Blend Suet Balls

    4 Pack Peanut Blend Suet Balls. Superior Melt-Resistant Formula.

  • Perky-Pet Squirrel Baffler Feeder Guard 

    Manufacturer: Woodstream Corporation

    The Perky-Pet® Metal Pole Squirrel Baffler, with its all-metal construction, stops squirrels from climbing up to your feeder which they would invariably chew on as well as steal the seed inside—if they were able to reach it. This squirrel baffler measures approximately 14.5 inches high, 7 inches wide, and 7 inches deep and can be used on a pole up to 1 5/8 inch diameter (not included). Mounting hardware included for easy installation.

  • Vintage Glass Bird Waterer

    Manufacturer: Perky-Pet Wild Bird Solutions

    Traditional vase style glass bottle. Blue with luster finish. Wide mouth opening for easy filling and cleaning. Unique circular perch design. 18 oz water capacity.

  • Ant Off Ant Guard

    Manufacturer: WoodLink Birding Products

    Ant Off Ant Guard is used to keep hummingbird feeders free from ants and pests.

  • Teacup with Saucer

    Everybody loves a good tea party! The birds will especially love this one! Simply hang this dainty tea cup bird feeder and watch as the birds indulge!

  • Raven Birdbath

    Manufacturer: Orgill

    Attract your feathered friends for a refreshing bath. 

  • The Bird Guardian Birdhouse Protector

    Manufacturer: Audubon Wild Bird Solutions

    The Original Bird Guardian protects eggs, baby birds and even the adult bird in the birdhouse from harm.