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  • Wildflower Butterfly & Hummingbird Mix

    Manufacturer: Encap, LLC Lawn & Garden Products

    All-in-one formula -€“ mulch, seed & fertilizer covers 200 sq. ft. Perfect blend of annuals & perennials. Colorful, long lasting blooms. Advanced Soil Technology™ improves seed establishment & germination. Just sprinkle & grow!

  • Crabgrass & Weed Preventer 4 Lbs.

    Manufacturer: Bonide

    Easy to use shaker jug for small yards and ornamental beds. Pre-emergent control for grassy and broadleaf weeds. Dozens of tolerant ornamentals listed. Non-staining. For Northern and southern turf grass species. Depending on rate used, one application can last 2 to 4 months and even have some early post emergence effectiveness.

  • Full Sun Durable Deep Greening Grass Seed Shaker .75 Lb

    Manufacturer: Bonide

    Full Sun mix of premium grass seed. Specially formulated improved turf grass varieties for full sun. Combines fine textured blades with durable heat resistance. Spreads quickly to repair thin and bare spots.

  • Pennington® One Step Complete™ Sun and Shade

    UPC: 021496014821 Manufacturer: Pennington Seed

    Combination premium Smart Seed® grass seed and professional-grade fertilizer and mulch. Formulated with grasses that thrive in sunny and moderately shady areas. 5 pounds covers up to 75 square feet. 

  • BuffaLoam Organic Buffalo Compost

    UPC: 894755002323

    BuffaLoam Organic Buffalo Compost is a natural source of nutrients for your plants. It is a mature and stable compost. Our extended aging process and meticulous turning and testing regimen creates a highly consistent product with high nutrient content and an earthy, soil-like aroma.

  • Miracle-Gro® Seed Starting Potting Mix

    Manufacturer: MiracleGro

    Lightweight mix of sphagnum peat moss and perlite. Ideal for germinating seeds and rooting leaf, stem and root cuttings. Enriched with miracle-gro plant food to help build strong roots.

  • Pro Mix 3.8 Cubic Feet Potting Mix

    UPC: 025849103811 Manufacturer: Premier Horticulture Inc

    Premier Pro-Mix BX is a unique general purpose growing medium that contains a beneficial mycorrhizal inoculum. These microscopic fungi attach to and colonize root systems, forming a symbiosis with plants in your garden and lawn. 

  • Whitetail Institute Laboratory Soil Test Kit

    UPC: 789976000091 Manufacturer: Whitetail Institute of North America

    Ensure the most successful food plot possible and save money with Whitetail Institute Soil Test Kits. Testing your soil is the MOST IMPORTANT STEP for ensuring food plot success. Whitetail Institute’s Soil Test Kit shows you exactly how much lime and fertilizer is required and makes sure you don’t buy more that you need. 

  • Sungro® Black Gold® Seedling Mix

    This highly refined, organic seedling mix is everything it should be: low-salt, fine yet porous and water-retentive. We add an organic wetting agent to ensure uniform water penetration (a common problem with comparable mixes) and fine grade peat moss and perlite to ensure excellent root growth for newly germinated seedlings.

  • Seedling Heat Mat Black 9 X 19.5 Inch

    Manufacturer: Hydrofarm Model: MT10006

    Waterproof construction. Increases success and growth of seedlings and cuttings. Warms root area 10-20 degrees fahrenheit over ambient temperature to improve germination.

  • Planter's Pride Plantable Pots

    UPC: 779032048400 Manufacturer: Myers Industries, Inc.

     Seeds and cuttings flourish in biodegradable plantable pots. There is less mold growth than peat based pots and pellets. You will notice visibly better, faster plant growth. These pots are made from biodegradable, organic material. They easily rehydrate and require less watering than traditional peat.

  • Scotts® EZ Seed® Sun & Shade Grass Seed Mix

    Manufacturer: Scotts

    Revolutionary seeding mix that guarantees seeding success! Repairs bare spots in sunny and densely shaded areas. Great for repairing wear and tear! Unique combination of Scotts® high performance seed, premium continuous release lawn food and Scotts® super-absorbent growing material. Growing material absorbs water and expands to surround and protect seed from drying out and dying out. Fertilizer releases over time to ensure quick establishment and long term feeding.

  • Luster Leaf Rapitest Soil Test Kit

    UPC: 035307016010

    40 tests: 10 each for pH, nitrogen, phosphorus and potash.

  • Miracle-Gro® Potting Mix

    Manufacturer: MiracleGro Model: 76278300

    Feeds plants up to 6 months! with Miracle-Gro® Continuous Release plant food. Enriched with MicroMax® nutrients for more blooms and more color. Miracle-Gro's potting mixes and soils are ideal for all potted plants, and include Miracle-Gro® plant food.