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  • Kingdom BioFuel Smoker's Choice BBQ Pellets

    Now you can grill year-round. Just fire up the pellet grill, dump in Kingdom BBQ Grill Pellets. Available in 20 LBS and also available in Genuine Hickory & Maple Glory Flavor.

  • Electric Fly Swatter

    Keep your indoor and outdoor areas clear of flies with this electric fly swatter.

  • Spray & Forget It Exterior Surface Cleaner

    Manufacturer: Spray & Forget

    Spray and Forget is a unique, no-rinse exterior cleaner that is easy to use. Spray and Forget works on all types of exterior surfaces to remove green and black stains caused by algae, mold, mildew, moss, and lichen. You simply spray it on and forget it. Available in 32 OZ.


  • Goo Gone Patio Furniture Cleaner

    Don’t just clean your outdoor décor, protect it with Goo Gone Patio Furniture Cleaner. Works on dirt, bird droppings, food, mildew stains. Available in 24 OZ.

  • Chicks Rule Burlap Garden Flag

    Manufacturer: Evergreen Enterprises

    Celebrate Easter in style with this sassy and sweet Chicks Rule burlap garden flag. Bright yellow patterns and intricate details make the irresistible design stand out.

    Our Burlap Boutique™ flags are inspired by the textile's domination of the party, wedding, and home décor scene as a go-to accent material. The artwork is heat-transferred on both sides of the textured fabric to create a rustic yet chic look. Each flag is carefully crafted from durable, weatherproof, and fray-resistant polyester burlap. Fits standard-sized garden flag poles and stands.

    Dimensions: 12.5"W x 18"H

  • Powerzone Milk House Heater

    3 settings: 1300/1500W with fan only setting. Quick set thermostat controls room temperature. Easy adjustment control knobs. Power indicator light. Warning indicator light illuminates if overheating occurs. Internal safety tip over switch automatically turns off heater if tipped over. Thermal shut-off sensor automatically turns heater off if overheating occurs. Built-in handle for easy carrying. Convenient carry handle. Cord length: 6 feet. ETL/CETL listed. Three-prong grounded plug. 15-5/8"H x 9-5/8"W x 7-1/2"D.


  • GrassWorx Astro Turf Shoe and Boot Scraper

    Manufacturer: Grassworx Llc

    Removes dirt, grass, and more by sliding shoes or boots across the surface. Stiff polyethylene bristles won't wear out. Durable, weather resistant frame with non slid bottom. Hose off for easy cleaning.


  • Vulcan Snow Shovel

    Manufacturer: Orgill Model: 892-4003

    Poly cushioned D-Grip. 18" Poly combo shovel. Metal wear strip. Steel ergonomic handle with sleeve.


  • Zero Ice Pet Guard Ice Snow Melter

    Manufacturer: Howard Johnsons

    Safe for pets & paws, children, lawns, and plants. Green-tinted crystals are easy-to-see when applied on ice and snow. Available in 8 Lb. shaker jug. 
    • 100% sodium free
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Will not harm surfaces
    • Works on contact
    • Does not leave white residue on surfaces
    • Non-corrosive

  • Applepie Pull Along Toys For Childres

    Perfectly suited for indoor and outdoor play, Applepie Pull-along Pals move along with fast-paced toddlers for a lifetime of fun. 18+ Months.

  • The Naked Bee Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion

    Certified organic aloe vera and sunflower seed oil, rich in anti-oxidents, in the original Orange Blossom Honey scent. Made with honey and hyaluronic acid to soften, heal, and promote healthy skin.

  • Pet Face Pet Blanket

    Along with being soft and cozy, this dog blanket is a stylish addition to your home that can be used to protect furniture, cover your dog's bed, and inserted into any dog crate.

  • Poly Leaf Rake 30 Tine with Grip

    Manufacturer: Landscapers Pride

    This Leaf Rake has a 30 Inch Poly Head that is made up of 30 Tines. It is situated on a 48 Inch Wooden Handle that has a Cushioned Grip to make work easier on your hands. 

  • Vittles Vault 45+ Pet Food Container¬†

    The same airtight function of our Vittles Vault Outback containers, but with a kitchen-friendly appearance. These containers are slightly more narrow, which makes them perfect for kitchen cabinets, pantries, or even under the sink. Hold 45+ Lbs. of food.


  • Penn State Decorative Garden Flag

    Manufacturer: Evergreen Enterprises

    Show your Penn State pride this season with a Penn State Decorative Garden Flag from Evergreen Enterprises.

  • Enviro Brick 20 Lb.

    Enviro-Brick pressed sawdust fireplace fuel, is an effective alternative to other fuels such as fuel oil and coal. Unlike coal and other fossil fuels that extract CO2 from the ground and deposit it into the atmosphere when burnt, Enviro-Bricks are made from sawdust and are considered CO2 neutral because the trees they are manufactured from extract more CO2 from the atmosphere than the logs emit when burnt for heat. As a matter of fact, Enviro-Bricks produce 52% less particulate matter to the atmosphere than cordwood.

    Enviro-Bricks are twice the density of cordwood and about the same energy density as coal with burn times significantly longer than cordwood.

  • Grandma's Poison Ivy & Oak Bar

    Manufacturer: Remwood Products Co.

    If exposed, wash contact areas well with cool water and GRANDMA’S Poison Ivy Bar to remove poison oils. (Cool water keeps the pores closed reducing the likelihood that the oils will penetrate the skin.) If rash develops wash & rinse affected areas with Poison Ivy Bar and then pat a little lather on the rash and leave on to dry. Repeat as necessary to control itch. (Lather dries clear and won't stain fabrics.) Colloidal oatmeal also helps calm inflamed irritated skin.

  • Rustic Washtub Beverage Stand With Bottle Opener

    Manufacturer: Panacea Products

    This Rustic Washtub Beverage Stand With Bottle Opener Includes Built-In Bottle Opener and Vintage Graphics.

  • TruFuel RTU Premixed 50:1 4.75 Gal

    TRUFUEL PREMIXED 50:1 FUEL Is precision-engineered with proprietary lubricants and advanced stabilizers to provide maximum protection to your 2-cycle engines. Unlike gas station gas, our premixed 2-stroke fuel is ethanol-free and formulated for hotter running, higher revving small engines. That means your outdoor power equipment will run smoother and stronger with fewer false starts. Don’t take chances, for premium performance, fill up with Trufuel.

  • Rustic Farmhouse Herb Caddy

    Manufacturer: Panacea Products

    Features Retro Graphics and A Trendy Aged Galvanized Finish. Folding Handle Stays Upright Or Folds Back For Shelf Display. Holds 4 Standard 3 Inch Plastic Herb Containers.

  • Snowman Garden Flag

    Manufacturer: Evergreen Enterprises

    Add a touch of your personality and welcome guests warmly to your home and garden with this decorative flag.

  • Simple Green Cat Stain & Odor Remover

    Non–toxic* Simple Green Cat Stain & Odor Remover is people, pet and surface safe. Its unique Fresh Bond® Technology quickly eliminates odors – discouraging resoiling or remarking. It can be used as a spot treatment or in carpet cleaners for larger areas. Simple Green Cat is great on organic pet messes and has a wonderful scent that will leave your home looking and smelling clean and fresh.

  • Women's Goat Boots

    Manufacturer: Sloggers Rain Boots & Gear

    Feature A High Quality Insole For Maximum Comfort and They Are 100% Waterproof. Easy Step-In Design. Made Of A Resilient Resin Flexible, Not Stiff, Tough and Long Wearing. Can Be Machine Washed and Air Dried. Made In The USA!

  • Vittles Vault Pet Food Containter 60 Lb.

    The Vittles Vault Outback Stackable Collection offers world-class freshness.

    Lock in freshness and lock out pests with our patented sealing system and thoughtfully constructed angles that make it extra tough for anything from the outside to get in. Holds 60 lbs of dog food.