• Manna Pro Water Protector For Poulty And Fowl

    Manufacturer: Manna Pro Corp

    Prevents build-up of film, residue and natural contaminants. Helps ensure clean water. Effective for use in glastic, galvanized and heated waterers. Also safe for other livestock waterers. Made in the USA.

  • Colostrum Mult-Species Milk Supplement

    Manufacturer: Manna Pro Corp

    Best mixing colostrum supplement on the market. Feed first to provide needed proteins, vitamins and minerals. Baby animals are adorable in every way, and the highlight of this time of year in the barn. But they are also very fragile, especially during those all-too-important first hours of life.  We all want to give our babies the best chance to grow into healthy adult animals, and a key first step toward that goal is making sure they receive high-quality colostrum immediately after birth.

  • Scratch Grains 25 LB

    Manufacturer: Purina

    A blend of high-quality grains to be fed as a supplemental treat to adult chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys to encourage natural pecking and feeding instincts.

  • Coop ‘N Compost™ Coop Odor Neutralizer

    Manufacturer: Manna Pro Corp

    Coop ‘N Compost is the natural way to neutralize odors and moisture in the chicken coop. Not only will this protect the respiratory systems of your flock, but it will make your nose and neighbors happy! 

  • K&H Thermo-Chicken™ Heated Pad

    Manufacturer: K & H Manufacturing

    The Thermo-Chicken™ Heated Pad is perfect for chicks and chickens. The 12.5” X 18” size is perfect for most chicks and chickens. Use in the first stages of life for mandatory heat requirements and later when old man winter pays a visit! The internal thermostat is pre-set to the perfect temperature. Ensuring your chicks do not “get chilled” will help prevent “pasting” and support a healthy start. Only 40 watts makes the Thermo-Chicken™ Heated Pad very energy efficient. It can be placed on the floor or mounted to a wall. For use in an enclosure. MET Listed. One year limited warranty.

  • Sturdy Steed Horse Block

    Manufacturer: Evolved Habitats

    Provide on a free choice basis and your steed will enjoy all these tasty valuable equine minerals!

  • Poultry Protector 16 oz.

    Manufacturer: Manna Pro Corp

    Poultry Protector™ is an all-natural solution to the common problem of mites, lice, fleas and ticks within the backyard flock. The natural enzymes in Poultry Protector clean away these pesky bugs safely, without the use of harsh chemicals found in so many other insect treatment products. Ridding the coop of these pests helps reduce stress and makes your birds more comfortable so they can do what they do best: lay beautiful eggs, grow and flourish.

  • Hen Hydrator

    Manufacturer: Miller Manufacturing Company

    This gravity-feed Hen Hydrator provides access to clean water on demand. The translucent bucket was designed to provide UV protection to prevent algae growth and allow for easy viewing of the water level. Lid fits tightly to prevent spills and protects contents while easy-to-remove fill plug allows for refilling without having to remove the entire lid.

  • Manna Pro® Organic Starter Crumbles

    Manufacturer: Manna Pro Corp

    Complete nutrition for young and growing birds, without pesticides, medications, or genetically-modified ingredients. Plus, with a name like Manna Pro on the label, you can be confident that our Organic Starter Crumbles don’t compromise on quality. 19% protein, plus nutritious and wholesome ingredients provide the ideal start for any young flock.

  • Fastrack® Microbial Pack

    Manufacturer: Conklin Company

    Use daily to help your animals get the most nutrients through increased feed utilization. Whether top-dressed or mixed into ground feed, or used in TMR, Microbial Pack keeps your production and show animals on track.

  • Purina® Mills Enrich Plus™ Horse Feed

    Manufacturer: Purina

    Enrich Plus™ Horse Feed is a concentrated, pelleted ration balancing horse feed designed to be fed as a horse’s sole ration, along with quality hay or pasture. Concentrated formula with low 1-2 pound feeding rate. Fills protein, vitamin and mineral gaps in forage, without unnecessary calories. Low sugar, low starch formula contains no grains. 50 lbs.

  • Original Mane ‘n Tail Shampoo

    Manufacturer: Straight Arrow

    An exclusive formula containing high lathering cleansing agents fortified with moisturizers and emollients.

  • Purina® Strategy® Healthy Edge® Horse Feed

    Manufacturer: Purina

    Purina® Strategy® Healthy Edge® horse feed is a high-fat, nutritionally balanced, controlled starch and sugar diet with enhanced great taste researched and formulated to support the health and well-being of adult horses aged 2 years and older. It’s top nutrition to help give your horses a shiny coat, full body condition and strong hooves without the added calories that can make easy keepers obese.

  • Banixx™ Wound Care

    Manufacturer: Banixx

    Pet owners are also quickly learning that Banixx™ is one of the most versatile products on the shelf.  Banixx™ has been used successfully for wound and skin infections on parrots, falcons, llamas, alpacas, show cows, sheep, pigs, dogs and puppies, cats and kittens, ferrets and even a one-month old foal.

  • Power Zone Clamp Light Brooder

    Sturdy 10 inch aluminum reflector with guard grill. Ball joint for easy positioning. Tough, no scratch clamp and hang hook. 300 watt maximum bulb, not included. 6 foot 18/2 SVT-2 cord.

  • Still Air Incubator

    Manufacturer: Farm Innovators Model: 2100

    Solid state circuitry for long-lasting and reliable temperature setting. Built-in hygrometer to measure both internal temperature and relative humidity. Red indicator light to show when the heater is operating. Large viewing windows. Additional probe thermometer included.

  • Farm Innovators Egg Candler

    Manufacturer: Farm Innovators

    Use to check development progrss of eggs and see the embryo inside. Provides the ability to identify infertile or dead-in-shell eggs for removal. Lightweight and easy-to-use. Plugs into standard 120V ac outlet. Great educational tool for kids.

  • Hydration Hay™ Original Horse Hay Block

    Hydration Hay™ Original Horse Hay Block is a premium blend of quality grass and alfalfa hay that has been compressed into a convenient, lightweight block. 12 lbs.

  • Purina Mills® Flock Block SunFresh® Recipe

    Manufacturer: Purina

    Whole grain enrichment supplement for free-ranging poultry and game birds that encourages natural pecking instincts to help reduce cannibalism. Contains oyster shell and grit.

  • Apple and Oat Horse Treats

    Manufacturer: Purina

    Reward your horse with Apple & Oat Horse Treats. Your horse will love the size and shape of these nutritious treats packed with vitamins and minerals. You’ll feel good about rewarding him anytime! 3.5 lb and 15 lb bag.

  • Farm Innovations All Seasons Heated Poultry Fountain

    Manufacturer: Farm Innovators

    Three gallon water capacity in reservoir. Thermostatically controlled to operate only when necessary. Keeps water from freezing down to 0° F. Easy fill from bottom. Designed to hang. Ideal for year round use.

  • Manna Pro Goat Treats

    Manufacturer: Manna Pro Corp

    A fun, nutritious snack for your goats. Made with real anise, delivering a licorice flavor goats can't resist. Easy to feed nugget form.

  • Herd Life Billy Block

    Manufacturer: Plano Synergy Outdoor Products

    Mineral block designed for goats. Berry flavored, providing beneficial minerals to your goat. Ingredients: Salt, Minerals, Peppermint Flavor.  4 lbs. By Herd Life

  • Little Giant 3 Gallon Chicken Waterer

    Manufacturer: Little Giant Miller Mfg.

    This 3 gallon waterer is made of durable impact-resistant polyethylene. Built in handle for easy portability and easy to clean.

  • Triple Crown Senior Horse Feed 50lb

    Manufacturer: Triple Crown Feed

    Developed specifically for older horses, this formula features a higher nutrient content to compensate for a less than effective digestive system. A higher fat content provides the extra energy older horses need. Plus, it is softer, more easily digested and can be mixed with water to form a mash for horses who experience difficulty chewing and swallowing. Has enough bulk fiber to be used as the sole ration for horses unable to eat hay or pasture. It can also be used with good quality hay.