Cleaning Up PetVomit

Sometimes it’s inevitable that your pet may eat something that doesn’t agree with it. Unfortunately that “something” may end up regurgitated onto your carpet, leaving you as the only one to clean it up. Here is the way to get that nasty vomit off your carpet:

Pick it up
As with anything vile, get to the vomit while it’s still fresh. Pick it up with a paper towel without pressing it into the floor any further.

Prepare your solution
Put some warm water in a bucket and add some liquid dishwashing soap. This is effective because it will help clean the vomit as well as get rid of the odor.

Start the scrubbing
Take a sponge that you use for scrubbing, put it in the bucket and let it soak. When it’s wet, take the sponge and rub the spot on the floor with just enough water to help you clean up the spot. You don’t want to over-saturate the rug if it’s not necessary.

Soak up the moisture

When you’re done sponging it down and you feel like you have thoroughly gotten the vomit out, take some rags and blot the floor to remove the water. Keep blotting until there isn’t water coming up anymore. When you’re done with that, run a vacuum cleaner over the spot to complete the job.